Time's Ballad

This week's post is a little different than my usual articles. Through my network of friends, I came across this wonderful poem written by a very perceptive, wise, and talented young girl of 10. I thought it provided a really great message for us all, both young and old, to keep in mind. I hope you enjoy it!
Photography by  Arah McManamna

Photography by Arah McManamna

Let's face it no one lives forever.
You can live it as you choose,
but the ones who're really clever
are the ones who know there's not a
minute to lose. 

Every sunset matters.
Every raindrop counts.
Better make your life worth it,
before your time runs out. 

It's what we take for granted
that haunts us in the end.
Be grateful for the food on your
plate, your music and every friend. 

You need the bad days to love the good
when the world's brought you down to your
you've got to grin and bear it,
take the weight with ease. 

Every moment wasted should be punished,
Everything misused a crime.
Try to see the sun through the clouds.
Don't be a victim of time.